Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. In order to have your most up-to-date employment status, as well as to verify your information, we need you to complete the application in full.
Please contact your employer or the Department of Social Insurance at 294-9242 or
Bermuda passport, Voter ID or Driver’s License are all acceptable forms of ID. Work permit holders can provide a photo or scan of their Work Permit card. PRC holders can provide a photo or scan of their certificate and Spouses of Bermudians a photo or scan of their spousal letter.

If you are on Mandatory Medical Quarantine, your employer should provide you with a verification letter that includes:

  • business name, contact and email address of employer,
  • type of business
  • employee name, social insurance number and job title
  • verification of full time (more than 15 hours) or part time employment status
  • date and amount of most recent gross wages
  • confirmation of inability to work remotely
  • confirmation that change in employment status is as a result of COVID19
  • verification of employees banking details

Your employer will also be sent a link to your application via email to verify the information on the application. Your application will not be moved forward for processing until your employer has verified your application. Please ensure that you input the correct email address in the Employer Email Address field.

Your application form should include your full bank account number as well as your name. The bank statement or screenshot you attach to your application must clearly show your name, your account number and the bank’s logo. You cannot use another person’s bank account.
You must also attach a certificate from a medical practitioner or other confirmation showing that you are subject to mandatory quarantine or isolation without compensation.
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