Bermuda Government Unemployment Benefits Application

1. Employee Information
If you do not have this number on hand, please contact your employer or the Department of Social Insurance at 294-9242.
2. Status
Please refer to section 7 and upload required documents:
Only one of the following documents is required):
  • Copy of Passport Information Page and Registered Bermudian Stamp
  • Copy of Voter’s Identification Card
3. Employer’s/Self-Employment Details
4. Employment Status
5. Other Benefits
6. Banking Information

Note: You need to select bank name first.

I authorize Government of Bermuda to verify the information provided on this form (1) to confirm my identity (2) to augment and update currently held information; (3) to provide me with accurate payment; (4) to satisfy information requests; and (5) to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

7. Required Supporting Documents
  • Copy of photo identification document
  • Copy of bank account statement to verify name, address and account number.