Bermuda Government Unemployment Benefits Application

Bar, Restaurant, and Club Restrictions and Closures

1. Employee Information
If you do not have this number on hand, please contact your employer or the Department of Social Insurance at 294-9242.
2. Status
Please refer to section 7 and upload required documents:
Only one of the following documents is required):
  • Copy of Passport Information Page and Registered Bermudian Stamp
  • Copy of Voter’s Identification Card
4. Employer’s/Self-Employment Details
Please check for accuracy
4. Employment Status
5. Other Benefits
6. Banking Information

Note: You need to select bank name first.

I authorize Government of Bermuda to verify the information provided on this form (1) to confirm my identity (2) to augment and update currently held information; (3) to provide me with accurate payment; (4) to satisfy information requests; and (5) to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

7. Required Supporting Documents
  • Copy of photo identification document
  • Copy of bank account statement to verify name, address and account number.